Finnmark – where dreams become reality

Done paying the study loan

Once upon a time, Jan Frode Skogan left his native Trøndelag for Kirkenes. He ended up staying, but his student loan went away.

It was love that made him go north, to Finnmark; soon he had two children, a house and home, economic responsibilities and many commitments. As time passed Jan Frode and his wife’s student loans kept getting smaller, until one day they disappeared altogether. Now it’s his love of Finnmark’s people and its nature that make him stay.

- After my military service in North Norway I resolved never to go north of Namsos again. But then I met Hanne from Kirkenes in teachers’ college. Fresh from college, we figured we’d give the north a try. That trial period has lasted from the millennium to now, he chuckles.

Jan Frode enjoys Finnmark’s stable climate, and likes to spend time in nature and to practice sports the year round.

- I love that it hardly rains here. My children train football, handball, and cross-country skiing. We’re very active, and spend a lot of time outdoors.

Like many other Finnmark parents, Jan Frode trains a local football team.

Jan Frode and Hanne are both teachers; she works in Kirkenes and he in a smaller school in Jarfjord. It has fewer than 30 pupils, from first to tenth grade.

- We’re a close-knit collegial group in Jarfjord. Today it’s rare that teachers get to follow their pupils from the first to the tenth grade. We’re able to do that at our school, and it definitely gives us a sense of stability and security, says the cheerful man from Trøndelag.