Finnmark – where dreams become reality

Music and culture

There are plenty of cultural activities in Finnmark. Sámi  arts and handicrafts add a very unique touch to the county. Professional artists, amateurs, clubs and associations organize a wide and varied range of activities. Youngsters are busy with cultural activities in their spare time and at school. You  yourself can participate in cultural events.

Singing and music are popular in the county. ‘Scene Finnmark’ has professional musicians at different sites and is an important cultural factor which combines with local amateurs. Cabaret and amateur theatre have strong support in the county. In Kautokeino they have founded the Beaivváš Sámi teahter. There are independent theatres and dance companies in Finnmark too. The Hålogaland theatre of Tromsø (‘Hålogalandteater’) and the State Touring Theatre (‘Riksteateret’) make tours of the county every year.

The amount of festivals in the county is exciting and varied, with about 50 festivals each year. Among the most well-known are the Easter festivals of Kautokeino and Karasjok, Midnight rock in Lakselv, the Alta Soul & Blues festival, the Varanger festival, the Cing crab festival in Vadsø, the Northcape Film festival and the Barents Spectacle in Kirkenes.

An overview of the different festivals in the county you find here.