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To you who want to live in Finnmark

Reduction of student loans

All persons who both live and work in Finnmark may receive a yearly taxfree reduction of their student loans with up to 25.000 Norwegian crowns a year. Certain demands from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund apply.

Less taxes

All persons who are living in Finnmark and North Troms and pay taxes receive automatically an income deduction of their income before taxation with 15.000 Norwegian crowns (taxation class I) or 30.000 Norwegian crowns (taxation class II, for married couples). The general taxation for the Tax Redistribution Fund is calculated 3,5% lower for Finnmark and North Troms than for the rest of the country. Those who earn between 340.000 and 872.000 Norwegian crowns pay a surtax of 9,5 % for the top part of their income in Finnmark and North Troms, while they must pay a 13,5 % surtax for this in the rest of mainland Norway.

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No tax on used electricity

Tax exemption for electricity used amounts to 9,5 øre pr. kWh in Finnmark and North Troms. In addition comes that the whole of Northern Norway is exempted from value added tax on electrical power.