Finnmark – where dreams become reality

Organized tours

What about a king crab safari and fish a crab of up to 2 metres length and with a weight of 15 kilogrammes? Or what about visiting the realm of big fish where you can catch and confront a big coalfish or a halibut?

Take a day trip to Russia or experience both a sauna and bath tub in the Pasvik valley, Europe’s last wilderness area. Or take a trip by river boat and pay a visit to Boris Gleb where you will get well informed about the fascinating culture and history of the border area with Russia.

Did you try to make a dog sledge trip or a snowmobile trip over the highlands of Finnmark under the Northern Lights or did you sleep on a reindeer skin in a hotel built of ice?

For those who wish to experience all the fascinating possibilities Finnmark offers, tours and activities are being organized the whole year. Brochures about the whole of Norway are to be found at, the different parts of Finnmark included. They exist in many languages and all of them may be loaded down.