Finnmark – where dreams become reality

Outdoor recreation

An important source of well-being for many in Finnmark are the good possibilities for outdoor recreation. One does not have to travel far in Finnmark if one wants to go hiking. Very often all what is needed is to go outside and enjoy nature. Finnmark has both a coastal climate and an inland climate, and sometimes you will experience all four seasons of the year during one day.

Even here in the far north warm summer days occur, notably in the inland. Then people do swimming. The dark period, also called ‘the blue period’ lasts from mid-November until the end of January.  Then the chanse of getting a glimpse of the Northern Lights is huge.Then temperatures can drop below 40 degrees Celsius in the inland areas of Finnmark. During the rest of the year there is every reason to enjoy nature, to hunt and fish, to go skiing, make trips by snowmobile, make hiking trips, bicycle trips or pick berries.

Hunting in Finnmark is mainly for grouse, hare and elk. Our grouse territory is widely known and every autumn hunters arrive from other parts of the country to take part in the grouse hunt. There is a stable elk population, and hunters contend fiercely for hunting permits. Finnmark  is well-known to have several of the best salmon rivers in Europe, among these the Tana and Alta rivers. There are more than sixty thousand lakes with fish and numerous small rivers with both trout, arctic char and salmon.

Do you wish to experience for yourself which recreational marvels this beautiful part of Norway offers you? The Finnmark Estate Agency and Norway’s official travel guide for Finnmark have all information about what this county has to offer and what can be done there.