Finnmark – where dreams become reality

Starting an own firm?

To get yourself started with an own company may very well be a good alternative if you wish to move north and realize your dream to start a firm on your own. Today’s communications based society enables one to get work done without having to be physically  present where the customers are. Finnmark has good fiber connections and good internet access.

It may also be more simple to establish oneself in relatively small local societies where competition is less tough than in more densely populated areas. Often one gets more support and new establishment is welcome. You will get assistance and support when you take contact with Innovation Norway, Finnmark County or your municipality. The Sámi parliament will also assist you. Its aim are strong and many faceted economic activities with are founded on and take into consideration Sámi  culture and the natural environment as such.

Establishment in Finnmark has some economic advantages for you:

  • There is exemption from the Employer’s National Insurance Contribution for most economic activities localized in a municipality in Finnmark.
  • Industrial firms in Finnmark have no tax on electricity, currently 9,3 øre pr. kWh.
  • Innovation Norway allocates larger funds to the development of firms and physical investments in Finnmark than in the rest of Norway.