Finnmark – where dreams become reality

Economic advantages

Living and working far north in our country has a lot of economic advantages. Some of these are aimed at private persons while other measures aim at companies in Finnmark or in the northern part of Troms county. The reason for this is that the Norwegian Parliament in 1990 ratified a special enterprise zone for Finnmark and North Troms.

The measures for companies provide good framework conditions for both companies which already exist and for new ones. Most types of companies are exempted from Employers’ National Insurance Contribution and there is no tax on used electricity. Measures aiming at individuals give inhabitants of Finnmark advantages such as lower income taxes and annual reductions of student loans. This last mentioned measure is often considered the best existing private economy support.

Annual reduction of one’s student loan is given with up to 25.000 Norwegian crowns a year. Calculations show that these different support measures taken together have a value of up to 100.000 Norwegian crowns a year for a 4 persons household.