Finnmark – where dreams become reality

Jobs and Education

Education in Finnmark is well organized, both at primary and lower secondary school level in each commune and upper secondary school, folk high school, vocational post-secondary school and university levels. Finnmark has possibilities for education all the way from kindergarten age until UiT - The Arctic Uniwersity of Norway where one may take a master’s degree in for example the tourism industry, special education and customized training. A lot of students prefer to take studies at more distant institutions for higher education in Norway while registrated as residents in Northern Norway.

UiT - The Arctic University of Norway is situated in Alta but offers a number of educational courses in other towns of the county. Such as nursing education in Hammerfest and other studies at Kirkenes and abroad. The Sámi Allaskuvla/Sámi University College in Kautokeino offers in collaboration with UiT - The Arctic Univarsity of Norway decentralized education within a number of disciplines. Local education in collaboration with employers (LOSA) is organized at decentralized levels by upper secondary schools in Finnmark, most of it as audio-visual studio based education.

Both the newly educated and those with more work experience will find big challenges in Finnmark. The county is sparsely populated. As a result workers find that they must be all-rounders and have use for more of their competence than in more densely populated regions. There are many jobs available in different fields of competence as the county needs employees in many fields of economic activity.