Finnmark – where dreams become reality

New in Finnmark?

Finnmark has a unique geographical location and borders on the Barents Sea, Russia and EU member country Finland. History shows that the county is situated in a militarily and security policy speaking important strategic area with big natural resources.

Together with the bordering areas of Finland, Sweden and Russia Finnmark is the main geographical area of the Sámi population.
The establishment of the Barents Region, the EEA agreement and Finland and Sweden’s entry into the EU has changed important framework conditions.

Traditionally Finnmark County Municipality has had an international commitment in the Northern Calotte area and bilateral collaboration with the administrations of Murmansk and Archangel. Regional policy in Finnmark thus has a marked international dimension – as for example could be seen when Norway and Russia during spring 2010 signed an agreement about a demarcation line in the Barents Sea.

In many circles Finnmark is considered as one of Norway’s regions with the highest growth potential for a period of several tens of years to come. This due to its short geographical distance to rich natural resources. For this reason many actors focus on Finnmark and the northern areas in connection with the establishment of new branches of economic activity.